About Innerspaces

Innerspaces is India's fastest growing "Premium Living Spaces Network" providing luxury homes through ground-breaking design and quality.

We help you find, book & move-in to a home of choice in Bangalore. Not just that, we help you with your documentation, moving-in, and shifting so that you have the best experience of buying your dream home.

Whatever is your budget, whatever you call home, we have something for you.

Our Team

Pramod REDDY

Pramod Reddy

A Computer Science graduate with a remarkable flair for design and execution excellence. Prior to starting Inner Spaces, Pramod worked at Bell South Telecommunications and State Farm Insurance in Atlanta and Chicago. In 2008, he left a very successful corporate career and moved to Bangalore and today runs Inner Spaces.


Sandeep Devgan

Sandeep studied Applied Mathematics at UCLA before joining Western Asset. He worked in risk analytics where attention to detail and time management is extremely valuable. His zeal towards the real estate industry made him relocate from the US to Bangalore, to fulfil his dream of creating exceptional living spaces.


Sowjanya Reddy

Sowjanya spent 16 years leading Human Resources at technology firms in the Bay Area, USA. She founded Re: HR Inc., a company dealing in end to end HR solutions for hi-tech firms in the Silicon Valley. She sold the $20M company to return to India. Her passion for real estate dates back to 1990 when she began investing in the Indian real estate market.


Sreenivas Reddy

Sreenivas, is an accomplished software professional with 15 years of experience in the US with government, multi-national and hi-tech companies like Motorola, CSC and IBM. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Illinois. In order to pursue his passion for building luxury communities, he joined Inner Spaces from its inception in 2011.


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